Analysis of temporal event sequences: challenges and opportunities in healthcare

18 June 2021

Our society is witnessing an exponential growth of data being generated. Among the various data types being routinely collected, event logs are available in a wide variety of domains. Despite historical and structural digitalisation challenges, healthcare is an example where the analysis of event logs might bring a new revolution.

In this talk, I will present our recent efforts in analysing and exploring temporal event data sequences extracted from event logs. Our visual analytics approach is able to summarise and seamlessly explore large volumes of complex event data sequences. We are able to easily derive observations and findings that otherwise would have required significant investment of time and effort.  To facilitate the identification of findings, we use a hierarchical clustering approach to cluster sequences according to time and a novel visualisation environment.  To control the level of detail presented to the analyst, we use a hierarchical aggregation tree and an Align-Score-Simplify strategy based on an information score.   To show the benefits of this approach, I will present our results in three real world case studies: CUREd, Outpatient clinics and MIMIC-III. These will respectively cover the analysis of calls and responses of emergency services, the efficiency of operation of two outpatient clinics, and the evolution of patients with atrial fibrillation hospitalised in an acute and critical care unit. To finalise the talk, I will share our most recent work in the analysis of clinical events extracted from Electronic Health Records for the study of multimorbidity.

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  • Mathematical Biology and Ecology Seminar