Hilbert schemes for fourfolds and Quot-schemes for surfaces

10 May 2021
Arkadij Bojko

Counting coherent sheaves on Calabi--Yau fourfolds is a subject in its infancy. An evidence of this is given by how little is known about perhaps the simplest case - counting ideal sheaves of length $n$. On the other hand, the parallel story for surfaces while with many open questions has seen many new results, especially in the direction of understanding virtual integrals over Quot-schemes. Motivated by the conjectures of Cao--Kool and Nekrasov, we study virtual integrals over Hilbert schemes of points of top Chern classes $c_n(L^{[n]})$ and their K-theoretic refinements. Unlike lower-dimensional sheaf-counting theories, one also needs to pay attention to orientations. In this, we rely on the conjectural wall-crossing framework of Joyce. The same methods can be used for Quot-schemes of surfaces and we obtain a generalization of the work of Arbesfeld--Johnson--Lim--Oprea--Pandharipande for a trivial curve class. As a result, there is a correspondence between invariants for surfaces and fourfolds in terms of a universal transformation.

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  • Geometry and Analysis Seminar