Interpretable fields in certain expansions of valued fields

4 June 2021
Kobi Peterzil

(Joint with Y. Halevi and A. Hasson.) We consider two kinds of expansions of a valued field $K$:

(1) A $T$-convex expansion of real closed field, for $T$ a polynomially bounded o-minimal expansion of $K$.

(2) A $P$-minimal field $K$ in which definable functions are PW differentiable.

We prove that any interpretable infinite field $F$ in $K$ is definably isomorphic to a finite extension of either $K$ or, in case (1), its residue field $k$. The method we use bypasses general elimination of imaginaries and is based on analysis of one dimensional quotients of the form $I=K/E$ inside $F$ and their connection to one of 4 possible sorts: $K$, $k$ (in case (1)), the value group, or the quotient of $K$ by its valuation ring. The last two cases turn out to be impossible and in the first two cases we use local differentiability to embed $F$ into the matrix ring over $K$ (or $k$).

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