Factors in randomly perturbed graphs

18 May 2021
Amedeo Sgueglia

Further Information: 

Part of the Oxford Discrete Maths and Probability Seminar, held via Zoom. Please see the seminar website for details.


We study the model of randomly perturbed dense graphs, which is the union of any $n$-vertex graph $G_\alpha$ with minimum degree at least $\alpha n$ and the binomial random graph $G(n,p)$. In this talk, we shall examine the following central question in this area: to determine when $G_\alpha \cup G(n,p)$ contains $H$-factors, i.e. spanning subgraphs consisting of vertex disjoint copies of the graph $H$. We offer several new sharp and stability results.
This is joint work with Julia Böttcher, Olaf Parczyk, and Jozef Skokan.

  • Combinatorial Theory Seminar