90 minutes of CCC

22 June 2021
Roger Penrose et al.

This is a joint GR-QFT seminar, to celebrate in advance the 90th birthday of Roger Penrose later in the summer, comprising 9 talks on conformal cyclic cosmology.  The provisional schedule is as follows:

11:00 Roger Penrose (Oxford, UK) : The Initial Driving Forces Behind CCC

11:10 Paul Tod (Oxford, UK) : Questions for CCC

11:20 Vahe Gurzadyan (Yerevan, Armenia): CCC predictions and CMB

11:30 Krzysztof Meissner (Warsaw, Poland): Perfect fluids in CCC

11:40 Daniel An (SUNY, USA) : Finding information in the Cosmic Microwave Background data

11:50 Jörg Frauendiener (Otago, New Zealand) : Impulsive waves in de Sitter space and their impact on the present aeon

12:00 Pawel Nurowski (Warsaw, Poland and Guangdong Technion, China): Poincare-Einstein expansion and CCC

12:10 Luis Campusano (FCFM, Chile) : (Very) Large Quasar Groups

12:20 Roger Penrose (Oxford, UK) : What has CCC achieved; where can it go from here?

  • Quantum Field Theory Seminar