Three-Point Energy Correlator in N=4 Super Yang-Mills Theory

15 June 2021

Event shape observables describe how energy is distributed in the final state in scattering processes. Recent years have seen increasing interest from different physics areas in event shapes, in particular the energy correlators. They define a class of observable quantities which admit a simple and unified formulation in quantum  field theory.

Three-point energy correlators (EEEC) measure the energy flow through three detectors as a function of the three angles between them. We analytically compute the one-loop EEEC in maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. The result is a linear combination of logarithms and dilogarithms, decomposed onto a basis of single-valued transcendental functions. Its symbol contains 16 alphabet letters, revealing a dihedral symmetry of the three-point event shape.  Our results represent the first perturbative computation of a three-parameter event-shape observable, providing information on the function space at higher-loop order, and valuable input to the study of conformal light-ray OPE.

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