Tue, 09 Nov 2021
Branimir Cacic
University of New Brunswick Canada

In his very first note on noncommutative differential geometry, Connes
showed that the position and momentum operators on the line could be used to
construct constant curvature connections over an irrational noncommutative

2-torus $\mathcal{A}_\theta$. When $\theta$ is a quadratic irrationality,
this yields, in particular, constant curvature connections on non-trivial
noncommutative line bundles---is there an underlying monopole on some
non-trivial noncommutative principal $U(1)$-bundle? We use this case study
to illustrate how approaches to quantum principal bundles introduced by
Brzeziński–Majid and Đurđević, respectively, can be fruitfully synthesized
to reframe classical gauge theory on quantum principal bundles in terms of
synthesis of total spaces (as noncommutative manifolds) from vertical and
horizontal geometric data.

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