So, the first term at university. And, more specifically, the first mathematical term at Oxford. What's in store? Well, our students' mathematical experience in their first term (and beyond) comprises two parts: lectures and tutorials. How do they work?

Lectures cover eight courses in the first term. These range from subjects such as Complex Numbers and Linear Algebra to an Introductory Calculus course. You can now watch an example, a Geometry lecture on Isometries, below. A full list of publicly available lectures can be found on our YouTube Channel.

Alongside lectures are tutorials where students, usually in pairs, meet with their tutor to go through the relevant course problem sheets. These tutorials provide the opportunity to spend time thinking and talking about the mathematics. You can watch an example - filmed in Trinity College in 2019 - below the lecture.

And of course there is the pleasure of meeting 200 other first term mathematicians like yourself and working with them on problems and sharing experience. Some of our first year students are sharing those experiences on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages over the coming weeks.

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