Network Science provides generic tools to model and analyse systems in a broad range of disciplines, including biology, computer science and sociology. Renaud Lambiotte (pictured) teaches a 4th year undergraduate course on Networks and we are making the whole course available via our YouTube Channel. The first lecture is below with seven more to follow over the next few weeks.

The course aims to provide an introduction to this interdisciplinary field of research, by integrating tools from graph theory, statistics and dynamical systems. Most of the topics to be considered are active modern research areas. This is a mathematical course, where we emphasise the inner working of the methods, but with real-world applications in mind. As a leitmotiv, we will explore the two-way relations between network structure and dynamics: how does network structure affect spreading dynamics, for instance epidemic spreading? And how can we use dynamical processes to uncover salient structures in a large network?

You can also read about Renaud and Michael T. Schaub's research into Modularity and Dynamics on Complex Networks (part of the Cambridge Elements series and available free until 4 January).


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