Image of Jagoda with the prize

Oxford Mathematician Jagoda Kaszowska-Mojsa has won the Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Award for her MACROPRU project at the Perspektywy Women in Tech Summit in Warsaw, Poland.

Jagoda's goal is to investigate how new macroprudential policies can influence financial stability without contributing to inequality in society. In her project she is applying cutting-edge, agent-based simulation, big data and AI techniques to uncover the redistributive effects of public policies and to examine the optimal combination of macroprudential tools from a social welfare perspective.

Jagoda developed an agent-based simulation with an AI component. In other words, she simulated the behaviour of the economy as if we were modelling a virtual reality in which entities make informed decisions, learn and create the reality in which they coexist. This is a major shift in the modelling approach in economics and finance that could spark a paradigm shift.

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