Image of Benedikt Stock giving his talk; and his slide which features David Hilbert, Yuri Matiyasevich and a cartoon of Benedikt himself.

For 4 years our DPhil (PhD) students go deep into their area of research. Then we suggest they sum it all up in 1 slide and 3 minutes.

6 of them have done just that in our 3 Minute Thesis Competition. Easy-peasy.

Alexander Van-Brunt - PDE theory and the energy storage problem
Sophie Abrahams - How bubbles affect kidney stones
Benedikt Stock - (Un)Decidability in Number Theory
Matthew Cotton - Curvature inducing membrane-bound proteins
Michael Negus - Making an impact with droplet modelling
Jared Duker Lichtman - The Erdos primitive set conjecture

The competition is organised by the Oxford Mathematics SIAM-IMA Student Chapter.

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