Tue, 11 Oct 2022
Sylvie Paycha
Institute of Mathematics University of Potsdam

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Starting from the principle of locality in quantum field theory, which
states that an object is influenced directly only by its immediate

surroundings, I will first briefly review some features of the notion of
locality arising in physics and mathematics. These are then encoded
in  locality relations, given by symmetric binary relations whose graph
consists of pairs of "mutually independent elements".

I will mention challenging questions that arise from  enhancing algebraic
structures to their locality counterparts, such as i) when  is the quotient
of a locality vector space by a linear subspace, a locality vector space, if
equipped with the quotient locality relation,  ii) when does  the locality
tensor product of two locality vector spaces  define a locality vector
space. These are discussed in recent joint work  with Pierre Clavier, Loïc
Foissy and Diego López.

Locality morphisms, namely maps that factorise on   products of  pairs of
"mutually independent" elements, play a key role in the context of
renormalisation in
multiple variables. They include "locality evaluators", which we use to

consistently evaluate meromorphic germs in several variables at
their poles. I will  also report on recent joint work with Li Guo and Bin
Zhang. which gives a classification of locality evaluators on certain
classes of algebras of meromorphic germs.


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