Photo of Vicky

Congratulations to Vicky who will take up the position in 2024. Vicky  is the Whitehead Lecturer at the Mathematical Institute and Balliol College and also a Supernumerary Fellow at Balliol College.

Alongside her teaching, Vicky's role is to discuss mathematics with a broader audience via public lectures, talks and workshops in schools as well as mathematical summer schools for teenagers, notably PROMYS Europe for which she is Executive Director.

Vicky also enjoys  mathematical craft of various types and has written two books, Why Study Mathematics? and Closing the Gap: the quest to understand prime numbers.

The Mathematical Association exists to support and promote confidence and enjoyment in mathematics for all, by interacting with teachers and those with an interest in mathematics. Previous Oxford Presidents have included Peter Neumann, Marcus du Sautoy, David Acheson, Margaret Raynor, Michael Atiyah, Charles Coulson, Ida Busbridge and G. H. Hardy.

You can watch a selection of Vicky's talks and lectures here

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