Seminar series
Thu, 26 Jan 2023
Jamshid Derakhshan
University of Oxford

In his pioneering and celebrated 1968 paper on the elementary theory of finite fields Ax asked if the theory of the class of all the finite rings $\mathbb{Z}/m\mathbb{Z}$, for all $m>1$, is decidable. In that paper, Ax proved that the existential theory of this class is decidable via his result that the theory of the class of all the rings $\mathbb{Z}/p^n\mathbb{Z}$ (with $p$ and $n$ varying) is decidable. This used Chebotarev’s Density Theorem and model theory of pseudo-finite fields.

I will talk about a recent solution jointly with Angus Macintyre of Ax’s Problem using model theory of the ring of adeles of the rational numbers.

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