Photo: clockwise from top left; Nick, Jonathan, Graeme, Yuki, Dawid, James

Six Oxford Mathematicians and their collaborators have been awarded Frontiers of Science Awards for their respective research papers at the inaugural International Congress of Basic Science Conference which is taking place in Beijing, China, this week.  

For the 2023 selection, scientific works in both basic and applied research were chosen in 34 areas of the three basic science fields (mathematics, theoretical physics, and theoretical computer and information sciences).  Each winning paper receives a prize of $25,000. The full list of winners is here


Category: Mathematical Logic, Foundations and Category Theory

Paper and Oxford author: Ax-Schanuel for Shimura varieties - Jonathan Pila


Number Theory

On the Duffin-Schaeffer conjecture - James Maynard


Algebraic and Geometric Topology

On property (T) for Aut(Fn) and SLn(Z) - Dawid Kielak


Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computation

The AAA Algorithm for Rational Approximation - Yuji Nakatsukasa and Nick Trefethen 


Lie Theory and Representation Theory

Wick rotation and the positivity of energy in quantum field theory - Graeme Segal


Photo: clockwise from top left; Nick, Jonathan, Graeme, James, Dawid, Yuji

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