Fri, 02 Feb 2024
14:00 - 15:00
Dr Verena Korber
Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences University of Oxford

Malignant transformation of somatic tissues is an evolutionary process, driven by selection for oncogenic mutations. Understanding when these mutations occur, and how fast mutant cell clones expand can improve diagnostic schemes and therapeutic intervention. However, clonal dynamics are not directly accessible in humans, posing a need for inference approaches to reconstruct the division history in normal and malignant cell clones, and to predict their future evolution. Inspired from population genetics theory, we develop mathematical models to detect imprints of clonal selection in the variant allele frequency distribution measured in a single tissue sample of a homeostatic tissue. I will present the theoretical basis of our approach and inference results for the tissue dynamics in physiological and clonal hematopoiesis, obtained from variant allele frequencies measured by snapshot bulk whole genome sequencing of human bone marrow samples.

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