Image of Conrad and artwork

What was your highlight of 2023? 

Without doubt, Conrad Shawcross' exhibition of over 40 mathematically inspired artworks has been one of ours, not only attracting visitors to our building who would not otherwise visit a mathematics building, but also inspiring our mathematicians to think about their own field and work. A gallery of art in a gallery of minds.

So if it was a highlight in 2023 why not reprise in 2024? We are delighted that Conrad has agreed to extend the 'Cascading Principles' exhibition until the summer of 2024. You are all very welcome to visit as most of the works are publicly accessible. Please email @email to arrange a full tour (some of the items are in the private, working parts of the building).

You can read more about the exhibition here

And you can watch a series of four lectures focussed on the exhibition where artists and scientists compare notes on creativity.

The Conrad Shawcross exhibition is generously supported by XTX Markets.

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