Thu, 15 Feb 2024
Daniel Baldwin

We will discuss the physics of M-theory compactifications onto G2-orbifolds of the type that can be desingularised via the method of Joyce and Karigiannis i.e. orbifolds where one has a singular locus of A1 singularities that admits a nowhere-vanishing (Z2-twisted) harmonic 1-form. Interestingly, there are topologically distinct desingularisations of such orbifolds which we show can be physically interpreted as different branches of the 4d vacuum moduli space of the arising gauge theories: Coulomb and Higgs branches. The results suggest generalisations of the results of Joyce and Karigiannis to G2-orbifolds with more diverse ADE singularities and higher order twists. As a bonus, we also get an isomorphism between the moduli space of flat connections on flat compact 3-manifolds and the moduli space of Ricci flat metrics on the G2-orbifolds. We will briefly discuss this. Based on 2309.12869 and 2312.12311.


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