Tue, 16 Sep 2008
15:30 - 16:30
Gibson 1st Floor SR
Winnifried Wollner
This talk is devoted to adaptivity in optimal control of PDEs with special emphasis on barrier methods for pointwise state constraints. The talk is divided into to major parts, first we will discuss the case of additional pointwise inequality constraints on the state variable, then we will transfer the results to constraints on the gradient of the state. Each part will start with a discussion of necessary optimality conditions and a brief overview about what is known and what is not known concerning a priori analysis. Then a posteriori error estimates for the discretization error as well as for the error from the barrier method will be presented. Finally we show some simple examples to illustrate the behavior of the estimators. 
The talk will be followed by an informal tea in the Gibson Building seminar room giving an opportunity to chat with Winnifried Wollner and Amit Acharya (our other current OxMOS visitor)
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