Seminar series
Thu, 02 May 2024
17:00 - 18:00
Silvain Rideau-Kikuchi
École Normale Supérieure

(Joint work with S. Montenegro)

The striking resemblance between the behaviour of pseudo-algebraically closed, pseudo real closed and pseudo p-adically fields has lead to numerous attempts at describing their properties in a unified manner. In this talk I will present another of these attempts: the class of pseudo-T-closed fields, where T is an enriched theory of fields. These fields verify a « local-global » principle with respect to models of T for the existence of points on varieties. Although it very much resembles previous such attempts, our approach is more model theoretic in flavour, both in its presentation and in the results we aim for.

The first result I would like to present is an approximation result, generalising a result of Kollar on PAC fields, respectively Johnson on henselian fields. This result can be rephrased as the fact that existential closeness in certain topological enrichments come for free from existential closeness as a field. The second result is a (model theoretic) classification result for bounded pseudo-T-closed fields, in the guise of the computation of their burden. One of the striking consequence of these two results is that a bounded perfect PAC field with n independent valuations has burden n and, in particular, is NTP2.

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