Still from Trachette Jackson lecture

The Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures were begun with the intention of conveying the huge impact that mathematics has on our lives; but with a parallel acknowledgement that mathematics itself is a complex and often incomprehensible subject. Even professional mathematicians can be lost when straying in to a field in maths outside their expertise.

Equally we didn't want to hide the maths in all its beauty and complexity and so understanding would vary from audience member to audience member. However, the concept behind each lecture, whether about big data, black holes, or Johann Sebastian Bach should be up front. The detail would follow in varying degrees of complexity.

And we recorded them all (well, nearly all, some early lectureres were not so keen but soon we insisted). So now you can choose between nearly 80 lectures on a range of topics, a range that spans far and wide as is hinted above. The most recent three are below. The full playlist is here.

The Oxford Mathematics Public Lectures are generously supported by XTX Markets.

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