Tue, 11 Jun 2024
14:00 - 15:00
Yani Pehova
London School of Economics

An interesting twist on classical subgraph containment problems in graph theory is the following: given a graph $H$ and a collection $\{G_1, \dots , G_m\}$ of graphs on a common vertex set $[n]$, what conditions on $G_i$ guarantee a copy of $H$ using at most one edge from each $G_i$? Such a subgraph is called transversal, and the above problem is closely related to the study of temporal graphs in Network Theory. In 2020 Joos and Kim showed that if $\delta(G_i)\geq n/2$, the collection contains a transversal Hamilton cycle. We improve on their result by showing that it actually contains every transversal Hamilton cycle if $\delta(G_i)\geq (1/2+o(1))n$. That is, for every function $\chi:[n]\to[m]$, there is a Hamilton cycle whose $i$-th edge belongs to $G_{\chi(i)}$.

This is joint work with Candida Bowtell, Patrick Morris and Katherine Staden.

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