Oxford Mathematician Emmanuel Breuillard has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS), the UK’s national academy of sciences and the oldest science academy in continuous existence.

Emmanuel is Professor of Pure Mathematics in Oxford and a Fellow of Worcester College. He works at the interface between algebra and analysis. He has made contributions to the study of finite and infinite groups, using a wealth of methods from diverse areas of mathematics, including combinatorics, mathematical logic, probability theory, dynamics, or diophantine analysis. 

Among them feature his work on free subgroups of Lie groups, the development (with Ben Green and Terence Tao) of a structure theory for approximate groups, and his study (with Peter Varju) of mixing and equidistribution phenomena for random walks on groups with applications to self-similarity and random polynomials. He was a recipient of an EMS Prize in 2012, was an invited speaker at the ICM in 2014 and is a member of Academia Europaea since 2021. 

Oxford Mathematics now has 34 Fellows of the Royal Society among its current and retired members: Fernando Alday, John Ball, Bryan Birch, Martin Bridson, Philip Candelas, Marcus du Sautoy, Artur Ekert, Alison Etheridge, Alain Goriely, Ian Grant, Ben Green, Roger Heath-Brown, Nigel Hitchin, Ehud Hrushovski, Ioan James, Dominic Joyce, Jon Keating, Frances Kirwan, Terry Lyons, Philip Maini, Vladimir Markovic, James Maynard, Jim Murray, John Ockendon, Roger Penrose, Jonathan Pila, Graeme Segal, Endre Süli, Martin Taylor, Ulrike Tillmann, Nick Trefethen, Andrew Wiles, Alex Wilkie, and Emmanuel himself, of course.

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