James and Lasse still

Have you ever wondered what happens in a research meeting between a professor and a postdoc or graduate student?

As part of our demystifying of mathematical (and not just mathematical) life, Fields Medallist James Maynard and postdoctorcal researcher Lasse Grimmelt allowed us  to film one of their meetings. The mathematics may be very specific, but it is the interaction and process that has proved so interesting to the outside world, mathematical or not. And perhaps, so recognisable.

James and Lasse are anayltic number theorists. Lasse researches the connection between the spectral theory of automorphic forms and number theoretical problems like the twin primes conjecture. In this meeting Lasse talks to James about applying his new insights, for example their potential to improve results related to primes in large arithmetic progressions, particularly their application on prime gaps.


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