Position:- The project is 1 week ahead of programme due to the more critical concrete pours being advanced.

Solar Blinds:- A mock up of the solar blinds that are going in the main entrance atria have been viewed with the Architect

Precast Columns:- Precast columns and walls continue to be delivered in line with progress on site.

Time lapse movies:- As well as the daily and monthly time lapse movies there is now a movie showing the first 6 months in under 6 minutes.

Maths Dept Visit:- The Maths Department visited the site on 3/2/2012 to view the latest progress.


Future works for February

GSHP:- The pipes that were sunk at the start of the project continue to be cropped and joined to header connection pipes that will terminate in access ducts in the plant rooms. The works are approximately three quarters of the way through and are presently working on the central area.

Drainage & Basement Slab:- The fourth slab pour on the north was poured on 3/2/2012 using concrete pumps. The concrete pump is a separate vehicle with a telescopic flexible pipe to deliver the concrete to the desired position and is fed with premixed concrete lorries. The second large slab pour (1B) in the south was poured on the 13/2/2012. It is targeted to have all the south basement complete by the beginning of March.

Steel Beams & Columns:- Holding down bolts are fixed accurately to the formwork / reinforcement in order that steel I beams and columns can be bolted to the structure after the slab is poured.

Plant Room & Services:- The service trenches to the centre have largely been excavated now that the bulk dig removal has finished. The lower level plantroom in the south continues to have steel reinforcement fixed in readiness for a concrete pour.

Mezzanine Floor:- The precast columns and walls from basement to mezzanine are virtually complete allowing the temporary support formwork to be installed and the steel reinforcement to be fixed. The 1st mezzanine concrete pour is expected to be on 14/2/2012.

Recent Site Photos

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