Noncommutative mirror symmetry for punctured surfaces

15 November 2011
Raf Bocklandt

A dimer model on a surface with punctures is an embedded quiver such that its vertices correspond to the punctures and the arrows circle round the faces they cut out. To any dimer model Q we can associate two categories: A wrapped Fukaya category F(Q), and a category of matrix factorizations M(Q). In both categories the objects are arrows, which are interpreted as Lagrangian subvarieties in F(Q) and will give us certain matrix factorizations of a potential on the Jacobi algebra of the dimer in M(Q).

We show that there is a duality D on the set of all dimers such that for consistent dimers the category of matrix factorizations M(Q) is isomorphic to the Fukaya category of its dual,  F((DQ)). We also discuss the connection with classical mirror symmetry.

  • Algebraic and Symplectic Geometry Seminar