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Workshop in Honour of Graeme Segal: Physics from the Point of View of Geometry

Graeme SegalOrganisers:  Ulrike Tillman (Oxford and INI)
                          Mike Hopkins (Harvard)

Speakers:  David Ben Zvi (Austin), Dan Freed (Austin), Søren Galatius (Copenhagen), Mike Hopkins (Harvard), Maxim Kontsevich (IHES), Oscar Randal-Williams (Cambridge), Claudia Scheimbauer (TU Munich), Constantin Teleman (Berkeley), Ulrike Tillmann (INI, Oxford)

Dates:  29 - 30 September 2022

Venue:  Mathematical Institute, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford

There will be in dinner in honour of Graeme Segal on the Friday evening.  To register please go to this site:




Website: https://www.claymath.org/events/physics-point-view-geometry




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