Frequently Asked Questions


Am I eligible to be considered for EPSRC funding?

  • To be eligible for EPSRC funding you should be classed as a Home student by UKRI, for this you must meet the following criteria:

-Be a UK National (meeting residency requirements), or

-Have settled status, or

-Have pre-settled status (meeting residency requirements), or

-Have indefinite leave to remain or enter

A proportion of funding can be allocted to students who do not meet the criteria above to receive an award at the "Home" level (the funding does not cover the difference between "Home" and "Overseas" fees). In cases where awards are made to overseas students at the "Home" level the department will endeavour to fund the difference in fees via other sources (however this cannot be guranteed) 

The Mathematical Institute will consider all applications for the DPhil in Mathematics submitted before the January deadline for EPSRC funding. If you are not eligible for EPSRC funding you will be considered for departmental funding which is open to all home, EU and overseas applicants, again you must apply before the January deadline.

I would like to apply for a taught MSc, am I eligible to be considered for EPSRC funding?

  • EPSRC funding is only available to students applying for doctoral studies.

I have applied to a specific college on my application form but would now like to change my preference due to funding reasons, is this possible?

  • Once you have chosen a college on the application form or stated that you would like to make an “open” college application it is not possible to change your choice. We recommend that you research what funding opportunities our colleges offer before making your college choice. You can find out more about college funding opportunities using the University of Oxford's funding and scholarship search.


Can I apply to more than one graduate course?

  • You are welcome to apply to multiple courses. Each course has its own independent admissions panel.

What will happen if my referees cannot submit their references in time for the deadline?

  • We require that at least two of the three references arrive by the deadline, there is some flexibility with the third reference which should arrive no later than 48 hours after the deadline. Your references are an important part of your application and you will be reliant on your referees to submit their references on time. Therefore, it is recommended that you give your referees plenty of notice prior to the deadline.

I am experiencing technical difficulties with submitting my application, what shall I do?

Previous study

Am I eligible to apply for an English Language waiver?

  • If you have studied at a recognised English speaking institution for a year or longer you will be eligible to apply for a waiver. However, having studied at an English speaking institution does not guarantee that the waiver will be granted.

I am currently studying for an MSc at another institution and would like to apply for further post-graduate study at the Mathematical Institute. There are no academic results available from my current studies at this stage, can I still apply?

  • Yes, you can still apply by providing any transcripts from your previous years of study. If an offer is made to you an academic condition may be set on the offer relating to your current course of study.

DPhil and MSc(Res) enquiries

Do I have to have a specific research proposal in mind before applying?

  • We do not expect our applicants to put together a specific research proposal before applying for the course. A research proposal can be put together after a student is admitted to the course and has spent time discussing their research with their supervisor. However, we do expect our applicants to have an idea about the area and Research Group in which they would like to perform their research.

Can I apply to more than one research group?

  • Applicants can apply to more than one research group in their application, however it is recommended that you try to keep the number of groups you choose to a minimum.

Do I have to approach a prospective supervisor before applying?

  • It is not mandatory to approach a prospective supervisor before applying. However, if you have any research-specific queries or if you would like to consult with a member of Faculty over the possibility of supervision you are welcome to contact them directly via email.

Can I study for the DPhil or the MSc(Res) in Mathematics part-time?

  • The DPhil and the MSc(Res) in Mathematics are not offered as a part-time courses.
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