We invite all to the meetings of Mathematrix. Discussion group about life in academia and matters faced by minorities


Mathematrix is a student-led group in the Mathematical Institute where postgraduates, postdocs and staff discuss and explore topics related to challenges in academic life and being a minority in the maths community. Mathematrix hosts weekly discussions during term-time. The events are relaxed and informal, and people may come and go as they please.

To join us, please subscribe to our mailing list by sending a blank email to @email. If you have any questions, email @email


MONDAYS - Trinity 2024

Week 1 - Monday (1pm) in N3.12 - Taboo Topics

Join us for our first event of term to discuss those topics which are slightly taboo. We’ll be talking about periods, pregnancy, chronic illness, gender identity... This event is open to all but we will be taking extra steps to make sure it is a safe space for everyone. 


Week 3 - Monday (1pm) in N3.12 - Oxford as a Non-Native English Speaker

We will be joined by several PostDocs from the department to discuss their experiences of being a non-native English speaker in the department.  


Week 5 - Monday (1pm) in N3.12 - Joint Event with WISOx: The Hidden Labour of Minorities

In our first ever joint event with Women in Statistics, we will be having a panel discussion about the hidden labour of minorities, such as extra committee work, editorial work, etc. 


Week 7 - Monday (1pm) in University Parks - Picnic in the Park

Take a work-break or revision-break and come join us for some food (and maybe a game of football!). We will be meeting in the reception to walk over to University Parks (weather dependent)


TBC - International Women in Maths Day Film Screening

This will be a joint event between the Mathematrix and Mirzakhani societies. We will be screening the film `The Mathematical Vision of Maryam Mirzakhani’ in the Maths Institute


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