Mathematrix is a student-led group in the Mathematical Institute where postgraduates, postdocs and staff discuss and explore topics related to challenges in academic life and being a minority in the maths community. Mathematrix hosts weekly discussions during term-time. The events are relaxed and informal, and people may come and go as they please.

To join us, please subscribe to our mailing list by sending a blank email to mathematrix-discuss-subscribe at We would be very happy to receive your suggestions.


Michaelmas Term 2022

Mathematrix returns in Michaelmas 2022. If you are interested in getting involved with organising Mathematrix next year (no experience necessary) or simply want to know more about Mathematrix, please email @email.

Week 1 (S1.37) - Meet and Greet. Come along for free Pizza and to hear about the Mathematrix events this term

Week 3 (N3.12) - Support in the Maths Institute. We will be joined by Charlotte Turner-Smith to discuss issues surrounding harassment and mental health, and how the department is helping to tackle these.

Week 5 (N3.12) - Applying for Academic and Non-academic Jobs. We will be joined by Frances Kirwan to talk about the various careers available for Mathematicians and how to be a successful applicant.

Week 7 (N3.12) - The Importance of Allies: Bring a Friend Social. We will finish off the term with a discussion of allies and community. You are encouraged to bring a friend who has never been to Mathematrix before!

TBC - Formal with Mirzakhani Society. We will have a formal dinner with the undergraduate society for women and non-binary students. This event is only open to women and non-binary students.


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