Maths in Society


The series is organised by DPhil students Naya Yerolemou and Alexander Saad. It was founded by Heidi Hurst, Leonie Neuhäuser and Ryan Sherbo in 2019.


The series aims to highlight how advanced mathematics is used to solve problems in seven main areas:

  • Climate change and the future of energy
  • Healthcare
  • Cities and urban planning
  • AI, ethics and big data
  • Finance
  • Education
  • Government/military/defence 

The aim of the series is to introduce graduate mathematicians and academics to mathematical research into understanding and addressing societal issues. In particular, the series aims to show researchers in the department how their work could directly or indirectly impact the world, as well as the various streams of mathematical research to consider if they want to work on certain problems. This series provides a platform for discussion about the impact of maths on society.

Details of our upcoming talks can be found here.

When: Thursdays 13:00-14:00 (weeks 1-8 of term)

Where: N3.12, Mathematical Institute

What: Talk and discussion in an informal setting

Who: everyone is welcome!* 

*Please contact us if you are not able to access the room.


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