PDE CDT Skills Provision

Personal development is an important element of the CDT ethos. The PDE CDT has devised a set of sessions throughout the four years of the DPhil based on a mix of existing University courses and specific CDT designed offerings. There are regular skills seminars where students get a taster of courses and further development opportunities which they can then undertake. Other sessions will build on basic knowledge and develop useful skills whatever the students go on to do after their DPhil.

Year 1

Presentation Skills

Finding Research Information 


An Introduction to LaTex

Team Working


Communication Skills

Writing Good Research Papers

Open Access & Evaluation by Metrics


Year 2

Class Teaching


LaTex (Reports, Presentations & Posters)

Managing Your Supervisory Relationship

Research Integrity

Thesis and Report Writing

Study Groups

Years 3 and 4

Planning Your DPhil

Public Engagement and Outreach

Finish Your DPhil

Study Groups