Code of Conduct - Online Events

  1. I understand that if I do not follow these guidelines I may need to be removed from the webinar.
  2. I understand that the event will be recorded, and that my microphone and video will be turned off during the event.
  3. I will arrive on time for the session, and understand that if I arrive late then it might not be possible to admit me.
  4. I will not share log-in details for the webinar with others.
  5. I will be kind and respectful, and inclusive to everyone.
  6. I understand that there will be at least one supervisor present in the webinar who is not the presenter. There will be a way to contact the supervisor(s) privately and I should use this if I am uncomfortable about anything anyone is saying or doing.
  7. I will not share any personal details within the webinar – this includes contact details, social media or other online account names/handles, links to my blogs/streams, links or codes to access games, etc.
  8. I will not share anything that someone else has shared without their permission.
  9. I will not take and/or share any recordings of the webinar.
  10. I will use appropriate language at all times and will not share, link to or display any inappropriate materials or content.
  11. If anything during the event concerns me then I know that I can alert the host or email @email.  Any reports will be dealt with discretely and in accordance with our safeguarding procedures.


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