Phoebe Noble, Second Year at New College, reading Mathematics.

Having joined the Oxford University Archery Club at the beginning of the academic year, my day starts with an early morning training session. I can’t say I wake up bounding with energy -  I’ve never really been a morning person - but the chilly cycle to Iffley Sports Centre soon wakes me up.

After shooting some arrows and chatting with friends, I head back to my room for some breakfast and more often than not, somehow end up back in bed for a pre-lecture nap.I always cycle to lectures (except when I have a puncture!). Having gotten used to dodging pedestrians and avoiding buses, I find cycling a great way to get around Oxford.

The first lecture for me today is Rings and Modules. Admittedly, I don’t understand the entire lecture, but it’s not an issue. I know that once I’ve gone through the notes again and have my tutorial (which will take place next week), I can work with my tutor to iron out any misunderstandings. The next lecture is Waves and Fluids which I’ve been really enjoying, learning how to calculate fluid flow around objects and inside different shaped containers.

After the lectures, I cycle back to college and make myself lunch before heading to the library. There I work on the fortnightly problem sheet I have for each module I take. Today’s job is differential equations, so after taking out a related book, I get down to work.

I have dinner in college and catch up with my college friends. Dinner is a really nice social occasion – especially in our huge college hall. Most evenings I’ll either head back to the library, go to a social or even head to archery fitness (I know – who’d have thought you’d need fitness for archery!). Afterwards I’ll head to bed, ready to start a different day.


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