Supporting Graduate Students: OMIF 2021 Appeal

As traditional sources of funding for graduate students continue to decrease, the need for the Mathematical Institute to provide scholarships and flexible financial support grows ever more critical. 

Graduate students play a key role in the department and contribute to important research. During the pandemic, such research has been vital to our understanding of the virus, and the power of maths, though already known to us, has become more evident to the outside world.  

We want to ensure that the best mathematicians can apply to and accept their place at Oxford without financial concerns. To help achieve this aim, we launched our 2021 appeal for the Oxford Mathematical Institute Fund (OMIF) - an expendable endowment fund that was established to support the Mathematical Institute. Gifts to OMIF are directed towards the Institute’s area of greatest need, which is currently graduate student support. 

Since its launch in 2014, more than 20 students have received support from OMIF. By making a gift, you can help us to support more talented graduates and in turn drive forward the world-leading research for which the Mathematical Institute is known.  

The relationship we have with our alumni means a great deal to the Institute and we are very grateful for your support.


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