Topology Seminar

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Past events in this series
2 March 2020
Hannah Schwartz

We will first construct pairs of homotopic 2-spheres smoothly embedded in a 4-manifold that are smoothly equivalent (via an ambient diffeomorphism preserving homology) but not even topologically isotopic. Indeed, these examples show that Gabai's recent "4D Lightbulb Theorem" does not hold without the 2-torsion hypothesis. We will proceed to discuss two distinct ways of obstructing such an isotopy, as well as related invariants which can be used to obstruct an isotopy between pairs of properly embedded disks (rather than spheres) in a 4-manifold.

9 March 2020
Radhika Gupta

The mapping class group of a surface is associated to its Teichmüller space. In turn, its boundary consists of projective measured laminations. Similarly, the group of outer automorphisms of a free group is associated to its Outer space. Now the boundary contains equivalence classes of arationaltrees as a subset. There exist distinct projective measured laminations that have the same underlying geodesic lamination, which is also minimal and filling. Such geodesic laminations are called `non-uniquely ergodic'. I will talk briefly about laminations on surfaces and then present a construction of non-uniquely ergodic phenomenon for arational trees. This is joint work with Mladen Bestvina and Jing Tao.

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