Undergraduate lecture courses

Below is a list of undergraduate courses on algebraic and related topics in Parts A, B, C. The times and locations for course lectures may be found in the Lecture Lists.

This information refers to the academic year 2022-23.


Part A

Core Material: A0. Linear Algebra, A2. Metric Spaces and Complex Analysis.
Options: A3. Rings and Modules, A5. Topology.
Short Options: Group Theory, Introduction to Manifolds, Number Theory, Projective Geometry.

Part B

B2.1: Introduction to Representation Theory (MT)
B2.2: Commutative Algebra (HT)
B3.1: Galois Theory (MT)
B3.2: Geometry of Surfaces (MT)
B3.3: Algebraic Curves (HT)
B3.4: Algebraic Number Theory (HT)
B3.5: Topology and Groups (MT)


Part C

C2.1: Lie Algebras (MT)
C2.2: Homological Algebra (MT)
C2.3: Representation Theory of Semisimple Lie Algebras (HT)
C2.4: Infinite Groups (MT)
C2.5: Non-commutative Rings (HT)
C2.6: Introduction to Schemes (HT)
C2.7: Category Theory (MT)
C3.1: Algebraic Topology (MT)
C3.2: Geometric Group Theory (HT)
C3.3: Differentiable Manifolds (MT)
C3.4: Algebraic Geometry (MT)
C3.5: Lie Groups (HT)


Graduate courses

Information on graduate courses.

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