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The research interests of the group span group theory, representation theory and algebraic aspects of geometry, among many other topics. For more detailed information on the people in our group and their individual research interests, please see our list of members.

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Algebra seminar

22 January 2019

The classical Dirac operator is part of an osp(1|2) realisation inside the Weyl-Clifford algebra which is Pin-invariant. This leads to a multiplicity-free decomposition of the space of spinor-valued polynomials in irreducible modules for this Howe dual pair. In this talk we review an abstract generalisation A of the Weyl algebra that retains a realisation of osp(1|2) and we determine its centraliser algebra explicitly. For the special case where A is a rational Cherednik algebra, the centralizer algebra provides a refinement of the previous decomposition whose analogue was no longer irreducible in general. As an example, for the  group S3 in specific, we will examine the finite-dimensional irreducible modules of the centraliser algebra.

Representation Theory seminar

There are no seminars currently scheduled for this series.

An archive of previous events is also available.