Algebra Research Group

Welcome to the pages of the Algebra group in the Mathematical Institute at Oxford. Here you will find information on our members, the seminars and other events we organise, news about us, the research networks we participate in. There are also lists of lecture courses related to our interests.

The research interests of the group span group theory, representation theory, and algebraic aspects of geometry, among many other topics. For more detailed information on the people in our group and their individual research interests, go to our members page.

Study with Us

If you are interested in undertaking graduate studies with us, please see the department's information for prospective graduate students.

These links provide information on undergraduate and graduate lecture courses on algebraic topics.

Work for Us

Post-doctoral positions and funding opportunities and faculty positions are listed on the Institute's vacancies page.

Seminars and Events

Details of the next scheduled seminar in each of the series we organise are listed below, as well as details of other group seminars you might find of interest. For future events, please follow the link to each seminar's listings.

Algebra and Representation Theory seminar


Geometric Group Theory seminar 

Junior Algebra and Representation Theory Seminar



Case studies

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