Applied Dynamical Systems and Inverse Problems

The Applied Dynamical Systems and Inverse Problems research group

Applied dynamical systems and inverse problems is an interdisciplinary mathematical research group based at OCIAM in the Maths InstituteOxford University. The group collaborates with the Atmospheric Physics (AOPP) department of the University, and is also part of the inter-departmental Climate network. The time series (signals in discrete time) that the group study originate in several types of systems for which measurements are tractable or abundant, for example, geophysical fluid dynamical phenomena, seismic data,  electrical circuits and atmospheric data. The research covers signal analysis, modelling and synthesis using:

  • applied general dynamical systems theory (ie. chaos, other non-linear phenomena),
  • general basis transforms (ie. wavelets),
  • stochastic parameterisations,
  • full waveform inversion in seismic data and theories in inverse problems, and
  • climate prediction problems.

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