Past junior combinatorics seminars

Summer 2007

Week 1 (17 July): Robert Berke. Transversals in multipartite graphs.

Trinity 2007

Week 2 (1 May): Louigi Addario-Berry. Acyclic dominating partitions.

Week 3 (8 May): Luis Cereceda (LSE). Finding paths between graph colourings.

Week 5 (22 May): Nicolas Broutin (McGill). About weighted heights of trees.

Hilary 2007

Week 4 (6 Feb): Bilyana Shoilekova. Unlabelled enumeration of treelike graphs using cycle indices.

Week 6 (20 Feb): Christopher Dowden. Random Planar Graphs with Degree Constraints.

Michaelmas 2006

Week 6 (14 Nov): Ross Kang. Acyclic t-improper colouring of bounded degree graphs.

Week 7 (21 Nov): Atsushi Tateno. On the number of triangles, and other complete graphs, in a random graph.

Summer 2006

Week ε (8 Aug): Tom Rackham. Balaton problems.

Trinity 2006

Week 1 (25 Apr): Chris Dowden. Components in Random Planar Graphs

Week 2 (2 May): Bilyana Shoilekova. Enumeration for unlabelled structures.

Week 7 (6 Jun): Ross Kang. About circular choosability: planar graphs.

Week 8 (13 Jun): Tobias Müller. About circular choosability: multipartite graphs.

Hilary 2006

Week 1 (17 Jan): Bilyana Shoilekova. Planar graphs enumeration.

Week 3 (31 Jan): Ross Kang. Colouring box graphs.

Week 4 (7 Feb): OWL Meeting

Week 5 (14 Feb): Louis Esperet. Linear choosability of graphs.

Week 6 (21 Feb): Alexandre Pinlou. Oriented arc-colouring.

Week 7 (28 Feb): Tom Rackham. Precolouring and complexity.

Week 9 (Wed, 15 Mar): One-Day Meeting in Combinatorics

Michaelmas 2005

Week 2 (18 Oct): Chris Dowden. Random Planar Graphs.

Week 3 (25 Oct): Pierre Charbit. Around the Caccetta-Haggvist Conjecture.

Week 4 (1 Nov): Tom Rackham. A precolouring extension of Brooks' Theorem.

Week 5 (8 Nov): Atsushi Tateno. The distribution of triangles mod q in G(n,1/2).

Week 7 (22 Nov): Ross Kang. The t-improper chromatic number of random graphs.

Week 8 (29 Nov): Tobias Muller. Sharp threshold for colouring random geometric graphs.

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