The Cryptography group is connecting the strong mathematical expertise in Oxford to real-life security challenges. Members of the group are designing advanced cryptography protocols, and evaluating the security of classical and post-quantum cryptography problems against new classical and quantum algorithms

Our research interests include

  • cryptography protocols and security proofs
  • cryptographic hash functions
  • analytic, algebraic and computational number theory
  • computer algebra
  • cryptanalysis
  • elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem
  • multivariate cryptography
  • lattice-based cryptography
  • code-based cryptography
  • isogeny problems
  • computational group theory
  • side-channel attacks
  • quantum algorithms
  • ...

We collaborate with world-leading researchers in top academic and industrial research centers in the world.

Selected publications of our group members are listed here; please refer to our personal webpages for full lists.

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