Spring School on Lattice-Based Cryptography

School Overview 

The Spring school will take place in March (20-24th), 2017 at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. It aims at covering lattices, their role in modern cryptography, and their potential use in the post-quantum era. Namely, it will cover the basics of lattices, "hard" lattice problems and the reductions between them, and advanced lattice-based cryptography constructions (e.g. Fully Homomorphic Encryption). The school will also have practical sessions using SageMath.   

Target Audience: Graduate students and Postdocs.


  • Martin Albrecht (Royal Holloway, University of London)

  • Léo Ducas (CWI, Amsterdam, the Netherland)

  • Craig Gentry (IBM T.J.Watson Research Center)

  • Phong Nguyen (Inria (France) and CNRS/JFLI/University of Tokyo (Japan))

  • Richard Pinch (GCHQ)

  • Nigel Smart (University of Bristol)

  • Dan Shepherd (GCHQ)




Early registration deadline is the 15th of December. Regular fees are £150. No fee for Postgraduate students. The fees for participants from industry are £1000.  

(NOTE: The event is already fully booked for Postgraduate students!)

You can register here: 



In general, participants will have to find their own accommodation. They are welcome to book anywhere. For instance, here is a link to the university rooms website; http://www.universityrooms.com/en/city/oxford/home


Available for Doctoral students at UK Universities who register before the 15th of December. The amount is a £100 minimum.