Frontiers in Quantitative Finance Seminar

Frontiers in Quantitative Finance is a monthly seminar series which brings novel research on quantitative modelling in finance and risk management to a broad audience of academic researchers, industry professionals and regulators.  

The  seminar provides a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss and debate new ideas in the modelling, management and regulation of financial risks and an opportunity for networking. Students, academics and professionals from the finance and government sector are welcome to attend the seminar and the reception. Attendance is free of charge but requires prior online registration.

Frontiers in Quantitative Finance is brought to you by the Oxford Mathematical and Computational Finance Group and sponsored by CitiGroup and Mosaic SmartData.

Upcoming events

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24 September 2020: Vladimir Piterbarg (NatWest Markets)
LIBOR reform and the arc-sine law

Past events

25 June 2020: Loriana Pelizzon (Goethe University, Frankfurt)
Loss sharing in Central Counterparties: winners and losers

11 June 2020: Marco Avellaneda (New York University)
Hierarchical Principal Component analysis and applications to portfolio management

7 May 2020: Brian Healy (Decision Science Ltd) and Andrew Papanicolaou (New York University)
Principal Component analysis of implied volatility surfaces

16 April 2020: Johannes Ruf (London School of Economics) Hedging with Neural Networks

20 February 2020: Olivier Guéant (Université Paris 1) Algorithmic market making for options

23 January 2020: Robert Almgren (Quantitative Brokers): Execution Cost Analysis for Futures Trading

12 December 2019: Antoine Savine (Danske Bank): Deep analytics for risk management

21 November 2019:  Pierre Henry-Labordere (SocGen) Some Applications of Machine Learning in Quantitative Finance

17 October 2019: Matthias Arsndorf (JP Morgan)  Credit Value adjustments for central clearing

13 June 2019: Lisa Goldberg (Aperio Group) Better Betas

22 May 2019: Roel Oomen (Deutsche Bank) Price signatures

24 April 2019: Hans Bühler (JP Morgan) Deep Hedging: from theory to practice

26 March 2019: Mathieu Rosenbaum (Ecole Polytechnique) Ranking the market makers

27 Feb 2019: Mourad Berrahoui (Lloyds) Counterparty trading limits revisited