New Horizons in Twistor Theory

The Mathematical Institute, Oxford 3-6 January 2017

Twistor theory has been applied to many problems and questions across mathematics and mathematical physics since 1967.  This meeting will take stock of twistor theory and related fields at 50 years of age and look forward to future developments and applications.  It will also be an opportunity to celebrate the contributions of Roger Penrose at 85 and Nick Woodhouse at 67.

Speakers:  Tim Adamo, Nima Arkani-Hamed, Nathan Berkovits, Mike Eastwood, Yvonne Geyer, Nigel Hitchin, Claude LeBrun, Katharina Neusser, Roger Penrose, Michael Singer, George Sparling, Simon Speziale, Paul Tod, Anastasia Volovich, Richard Ward with an introduction by Sir Michael Atiyah.

Organizers: Maciej Dunajski, Lionel Mason, Dave Skinner,  Florence Tsou

The programme now includes links to slides where available.

The meeting was supported by the LMS and EPSRC.

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