Monday 11th - Wedenesday 13th April 2022

Lecture Room L3, Andrew Wiles Building, Oxford

The eleventh annual two and a half day conference held alternately in Oxford and Cambridge, focusing on analysis and PDE. Go to previous OxPDE Conferences. Academics and PhD students from the two universities, together with external speakers, are invited to give talks. This year’s PDE Conference will be held hybrid at Oxford and we welcome all faculty and students to attend.



José A. Carrillo (University of Oxford)

Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)

Alexis Michelat (University of Oxford)

Zoe Wyatt (University of Cambridge)

Paul Minter (University of Cambridge)

Catalina Pesce Reyes (University of Oxford)

Renato Adolfo Velozo Ruiz (University of Cambridge)

Christopher Irving (University of Oxford)

Manuel Del Pino (University of Bath)

Maria Pia Gualdani (The University of Texas at Austin)

Michele Coti Zelati (Imperial College London) tbc

Costante Bellettini (University College London)

Claude Bardos (Universidad de París VII Denis Diderot)

Felix Schulze (University of Warwick)

Cyril Imbert (École Normale Supérieure Paris)


OxPDE Oxbridge Conference 2022 - FinalProgramme_3.pdf


OxPDE/PDECDT members, please use discount code OXPDE22OXF at checkout.

CambridgePDE members, please use discount code OXPDE22CAM at checkout.


*Discount codes are valid on college dinner and/or accommodation fees for OxPDE/PDECDT members and CambridgePDE members only. Registrations close 1st April 2022 and information will be sent to registered participants a few days prior to the conference.



Prof. Gui-Qiang G. Chen (University of Oxford)

Prof. Endre Suli (University of Oxford)

Prof. Clément Mouhot (University of Cambridge)

Prof. Neshan Wickramasekera (University of Cambridge)



Kerri Louise Howard (University of Oxford)

Sue Screaton (University of Cambridge

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