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Welcome to The Taught Course Centre (TCC).  The TCC is a collaboration between the Mathematics Departments at the Universities of Bath, Bristol, Imperial, Oxford and Warwick. The TCC also collaborates with other departments through seminars and study groups. The centre is supported by a grant from the EPSRC.

The Centre offers graduate level courses over the academic year. Access Grid technology is used so that audiences in all participating universities can participate in the lectures.

Please Note: The Setup and Contact Information page is restricted to sites belonging to the TCC network. If you are being refused access and are a member of the TCC network, please e-mail


If you have a hardware fault, you may wish to log a call.

All Taught Course Centre lectures may be recorded. Nobody should attend these lectures without first signing the consent form.  Those who need to attend, but object to being recorded, may arrange to sit out of range of the camera.
Members of each participating TCC department need to register for each course they take. Participating students may turn up for the first lecture where the initial list of attendees will be taken. To join the course after the first lecture, please e-mail