TCC Current Courses

January- March 2018

All lectures start on week beginning 15th January 2018 and run for 8 consecutive week unless specified otherwise in the schedule below:


Advanced PDEs Prof. J. Zimmer Bath 1pm-3pm Fridays
Advanced Quantum Theory Dr S. Muller Bristol 2pm-4pm Thursdays (Lectures begin 25th January)
Applied Dynamical Systems Prof. C. Dettmann Bristol 10am-12pm Thursdays (Lectures begin on 25th January
An Introduction to 3-Manifolds Prof S. Schleimer Warwick 10am-12pm Wednesdays
Dimensions and Embedding Prof, J. Robinson Wariwck 10am-12pm Mondays
Introduction to Optimal Transport and Gradient Flows 
PDF icon PDEsTCC (1).pdf
Prof. J. Carrillo Imperial 10am-12pm Fridays
L Functions Prof. K. Buzzard Imperial 4pm-6pm Thursdays
Numerical Methods for Hyperbolic Conversion Laws Prof. W. Shen Oxford 2pm-4pm Tuesdays
Poisson Processes and Point Patterns Prof. M Penrose Bath 3pm-5pm Mondays
Totally Disconncted Locally Compact Groups Dr D. Hume Oxford 2pm-4pm Wednesdays




October - December 2017

All lectures start on week beginning 9th October 2017 and run for 8 consectutive weeks unless specified otherwise in the schedule below:


Combinatorial Commutative Algebra Dr F. Mohammadi Bristol

9am-11am Wednesdays

Groups and Representations Prof. A. Ivanov Imperial 1pm-3pm Mondays
Introduction to Coercive Inequalities Prof. B.Zegarlinski Imperial

10am-12pm Fridays

No lecture on 20th October, replacement lecture on 8th December

Numerical PDEs Dr Y. Tourigny Bristol

1pm-3pm Fridays

Lectures begin on 29th September and end on 17th November

Random Dynamical Systems Prof. J. Lamb Imperial 11am-1pm Wednesdays
Riemann's Hypothesis Prof. R Mackay Warwick

12.10 to 2pm Tuesdays

No lecture on 31st October, replacement lecture on 5th December

Introduction to Schemes Prof. D. Maclagan Warwick 10am-12pm Thursdays
Sobolev Spaces Prof. J Sivaloganathan Bath

10.15am to 12.05pm Tuesdays

No lecture on 28th November, replacement lecture on 5th December

Additional lecture on 12th December

Weil Conjectures Dr P. Ziegler Oxford

10am-12pm Mondays

Lectures begin on Monday16th October