A Panorama of Homotopy Theory --- 

A Conference in Honour of Mike Hopkins 

05. - 09. June 2023


Lectures will be held in L1 at the Mathematical Institute, Oxford.


Aravind Asok, Tom Bachmann, Agnes Beaudry, Andrew Blumberg*, Robert Burklund, Daniel Freed, Michael Freedman*, Søren Galatius, Paul Goerss, Jeremy Hahn, Michael Hill, Michael Hopkins, Alexei Kitaev*, Jacob Lurie*, Greg Moore*, Charles Rezk, Emily Riehl, Constantin Teleman, Kirsten Wickelgren*, Inna Zakharevich. (* to be confirmed)


More details regarding the scientific programme will be forth coming. There will be a drinks reception on invitation of the Warden of New College on Monday 5 June, and a conference dinner on Friday 9 June.



Aravind Asok, Dan Freed, Mike Hill and Ulrike Tillmann


Linked programme:
The conference is part of a two week Isaac Newton Institute (INI) programme that follows up on the 2018 INI semester programme "Homotopy Harnessing Higher Structures".  People interested in this conference may also consider attending the workshop at the INI in Cambridge in the following week, 12-16 June 2023, "Homotopy: Fruit of the Fertile Furrow".



The conference is organised in partnership with the Clay Mathematics Institute and support from the Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge;  Compositio Foundation;  Mathematical Institute, Oxford; New College, Oxford.




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