Oxford Topology


Active areas of research in the group include: geometric group theory; algebraic topology; low-dimensional topology; topological quantum field theory; and K-theory.




Past topics of the topology advanced class, the Poincaré seminar, or graduate lecture courses include:

  • The 4-dimensional light bulb theorem
  • Factorisation homology
  • Simplicial homotopy theory
  • L^2 Betti numbers
  • Topology of 4-manifolds
  • Functor calculus
  • Surface subgroups
  • Configuration spaces
  • Cobordism theory: old and new
  • Finiteness properties of discrete groups
  • Surgery theory
  • Arc-presentations of links
  • The Nilpotence Theorem in stable homotopy
  • Elliptic cohomology
  • Operads and the Deligne conjecture
  • Cohomology of groups
  • Classics in algebraic topology
  • Quantum invariants in low-dimensional topology
  • Introduction to spectral sequences



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