Moodle Courses System

The Mathematical Institute course materials system is available at

The vast majority of course materials are available to the public. However, you will need to log in with your Oxford SSO account to access:

  • Lecture videos, livestreamed lectures, and other video recordings (see below)
  • Reading lists
  • Some specific lecture course materials
  • Restricted materials, such as solutions to problem sheets for Teaching Assistants and Tutors

Requesting Moodle Access

Students registered on a Mathematical Institute-related degree course will have Moodle accounts created automatically. If you are not automatically granted access, please the Academic Administration team (@email).

If you are a college tutor, please contact IT support (@email) for access.

Course Enrolment

You will need to be enrolled in a particular lecture course to hand in work (as a student) or access restricted materials (as a TA). These may not be set up by the academic admin team until week 2 of each term. On most courses you can also self-enrol yourself if you wish to do so quicker. Please contact the Academic Administration team (@email) if there are any problems with enrolments.

Accessing Lecture Videos (Panopto/Replay)

You must log into Moodle to access lecture videos and livestreamed lectures. You will then see "Lecture Videos" links in most courses.

You may also need to enable 3rd party cookies / cross-site tracking in your browser, so your SSO login information can be passed through to the Panopto (Replay) lecture capture system. Safari, and more recently Firefox, have this disabled by default - so when you click on a video, you will be redirected to Canvas Login instead. You will need to follow these instructions to get access - or you may find it easier to switch to a different browser, such as Google Chrome.

Both Moodle and Canvas use Panopto for lecture videos, but they each create a separate account for you. You will not be able to access the lecture videos if you are logged into Panopto with your Canvas account. Therefore, please do not use the "Canvas Login" button, and do not click the "Request Access" button on a video - that will just spam lecturers and academic admin staff with emails, and it will not get you access.

If you are already logged into Panopto with the wrong account, you will get an error such as "You don't have access to this folder" or "You do not have access to view this session". If you click your initials in the top-right corner, it will say "Provider: unified" (meaning Canvas) rather than "Provider: moodle-maths". To log out of that account, click your initials, then click "Sign out". Then go back to Moodle and try to access the videos again.

Please don't bookmark or share links directly to Panopto. If you do, you (or the people you share it with) will be taken to the "Canvas Login" screen instead of the Maths Moodle login, and won't be able to access the videos. You can, however, bookmark/share URLs in the format

If you have followed the guidance above but you are still unable to access the videos and you require assistance, please contact IT support (@email). Please include details of the problem, with screenshots where possible, to help us resolve the problem faster.

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