Moodle Courses system

The Mathematical Institute course materials system is available at

As has always been the case the vast majority of the current course material there is available without the need to login. Some specific lecture course materials do require login, as does access to restricted materials for particular types of people such as solutions to problem sheets for Teaching Assistants and Tutors.

Access to lecture capture and live streamed lecture videos does require login. Moreover there are key specific conditions/settings required to access lecture videos, e.g.

  • you must have 3rd party cookies and cross-site tracking enabled in order for the SSO login to chain through correctly to the university Panopto lecture capture system giving you a maths-moodle login rather than a Canvas unified login. Note Safari, and more recently Firefox, have this disabled by default!
  • you typically need to be enrolled to the particular lecture course (e.g. as a TA or for work hand in for a class, both of which may not be setup by academic admin before wk2), or have higher level broader access such as being set as a tutor

If you have difficulty accessing the lecture videos please see the more detailed info below. In particular please DO NOT use the Canvas login button and then click on the 'request access' button for a video. That will just spam lecturers and academic admin staff with emails that they cannot act on and will not get you access. The correct settings and access as below will get you access.

If after following the guidance below, including potentially reloading the lecture videos page, you would like further investigation into your problem then please contact @email.

Third Party Cookies and Cross-Site Tracking

It is essential that 3rd party cookies and cross-site tracking are enabled for Panopto logins to work correctly. See…

for details of how to enable this on common web browsers. Note in particular the Safari web browser has this disabled by default!

Without this you will be able to get as far as the list of individual videos within the moodle course but when you click through to a video you will be incorrectly authenticated in Panopto and hence have no access to the video itself.

How it should then work

With the 3rd parties cookies setting in place then the way it should work is:

If it is a core course for your year group then you will typically already be automatically enrolled (so applies to undergraduate 1st year and some 2nd year courses). If you are not enrolled on the lecture course then

  • use the 'enrol me on the course' link on the right, scroll down and click the self-enrol button
  • now go back to the page for the given course and you can see the additional 'lecture videos' link
  • clicking on the 'lecture videos' link takes you into the list of videos
  • click on a video and it takes you to the university lecture capture system showing that video

At this point no further login to Panopto should happen and you should be directly taken to the video. If it says you do not have permission something is going wrong. If you click on your name at the top right in Panopto and it says the provider is 'unified' rather than 'moodle-maths' then you seem to be using a login via Canvas - typically the issue is 3rd party cookies not being enabled as mentioned at the top.


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