Information for Readers with Disabilities

The University purchases a large number of information resources in electronic format. These include electronic books, electronic journals and databases such as the main mathematics research database, MathSciNet. All resources can be accessed through SOLO.

Accessible Resources Acquisition and Creation Unit (ARACU)

ARACU are part of the Bodleian Library and work with the University Disability Advisory Service to give advice and support to students and staff with disabilities across the University.

ARACU provide services for students and staff including:

  • creating accessible copies in alternative formats (eg. PDF Image, Braille, audio)
  • contacting publishers for PDF files
  • scanning material
  • lending equipment (eg. magnifiers and screen readers)
  • lending software (eg. to convert print to speech)

For more information, see ARACU website

Email: @email
Tel: 01865-(2)83862
ARACU Manager and Bodleian Disability Librarian: Teresa Pedroso (@email)

Information about Access and Facilities in the libraries

Whitehead Library, Mathematical Institute

The Whitehead Library offers extended loans to readers with disabilities.
Please contact the Librarian to discuss this (email: @email ).

If you need help in physically accessing material on the shelves in the Whitehead Library (the shelving is quite tall), please ask the Librarian for assistance.
See also: the University Access Guide for the Mathematical Institute /Andrew Wiles Building

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